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“Getting in shape shouldn’t feel forced. It’s a lifestyle decision that anyone can achieve”

I grew up always being very active. I loved to ride my bike, go for a swim, running and playing soccer with my siblings. My fitness journey is a little different to the ‘lose weight, get fit’ transformation stories. I am not someone who has ever been overweight but the opposite. Growing up, I was an extremely skinny child and this made me insecure about my body.
As I grew older I used to be dazzled seeing all these women in the gym lifting weights and looking so strong with their amazing bodies, and I would think to myself, 'I want to be like them' and so I dedicated countless hours in the gym, lifting weights, eating well and also learning from other fitness coaches. Health and fitness became a way of life and I got OBSESSED with it.

If you don’t believe what I say, See my Transformation with your own eyes first.

Find losing weight extremely difficult due to boring, complicated or time consuming workouts?

Some of our awesome Journeys!

“I could never find the time!!!”

I honestly thought to get the body I wanted I had to spend hours upon hours in the gym! This is so not true. For years I struggled with my weight and diet going from trainer to trainer. Even trying out many different gym memberships. Nothing worked for me, until I met Rebecca!! She has changed my whole outlook on what it takes to live a healthy life. I am fit, healthy and confident since working with Rebecca. Highly recommend her!

“I just don’t have the energy”

Since I had my daughter, I have been so exhausted and sometimes can feel overwhelmed. I met Rebecca a couple years ago and have been watching her own transformation as well as her transforming client after client! I started working with her a few months ago and I feel amazing!! She has helped me in so many ways she is not just a trainer she is a caring, empowering and motivating women! I have regained my energy back and am toning up and eating healthy again! Rebecca I am so grateful for having you in my life!

“Workout and diet failures!!”

I have tried so many workout and diet plans soooo many!!! I can never stick to them especially something that is online. With Rebecca’s online program it was exciting and different from the rest. The fact that she even includes full yoga videos and talks me through it was sooo helpful to me! I really hate dieting and have tried so many, but with the meal plan Rebecca created for me I didn’t feel like I was starving and I had the energy to do my workout routines. I am looking forward to continuing my training with Rebecca and can’t wait to see what she will create next!


4 Reasons your past workouts HAVE NOT given you a Toned, Defined & Curvy Body.

Problem 1

Not motivated to push themselves to the next level (give up if they don't see results quick enough)

You start off hot for a couple of days but then someone brings in brownies and cookies to work, it's Taco Tuesday, your co-workers want to go out for Happy Hour, the weekend comes and it's a free for all. You tell yourself you'll keep it under control but that never works out. It's this person's birthday and that person's wedding. There's ALWAYS something that throws you off track, every...single...time you decide to start over. So what happens? You know what happens. You tell yourself a lie and say "I'll just start again on Monday." You can't keep yourself accountable. Someone will have to…

Problem 2

Inconsistency in Diet and Workout Routine

I think by now, we all understand that consistency is truly the main key to success for having a major fitness transformation AND maintaining your hard earned results. I get it: You’ve tried over...and over...and over again. This diet, that workout, and you seem to always have a bit of success, You lose some weight but after a little while, you want to jump off a bridge because you can’t take it anymore, and pack those pounds right back on… (maybe even a few extra)

Problem 3

They make drastic unrealistic diet changes that they cannot stick to!

Diet culture has led us all to think that weight loss only occurs with great sacrifice, willpower and restriction. It would make you believe that you need to say goodbye to all the things you enjoy and do a complete lifestyle overhaul to have any chance of success. If it feels comfortable and easy then clearly you aren’t doing it right. Because when you followed *insert popular fad diet here*, gosh it was hard but you lost 10lbs. But then over time, old habits started to creep back in. Maybe you didn’t feel like the meal plan option for dinner one night so just had the regular family meal, or social events kept popping up that didn’t align with the prescribed eating regime. Before you knew it you were no longer following that diet and the weight crept back....which brings me to my next point...

Problem 4

Low self-esteem, low levels of confidence and unmotivated!

After failure, failure and failure of diets and weight-loss efforts, there is always that little voice in the back of your mind that says, “Maybe you are going to be one of the failures at this.” The voice of self-doubt and insecurity can be loud, persistent, discouraging and even destructive to your efforts. I can resonate with poisonous self-talk that invades different areas of our lives. The importance of self esteem in achieving life goals, including weight-loss, is immeasurable. It is a factor in all our human endeavors.


Solution 1

Behavioral Change & Mindset Transformation

My program has helped clients attain a natural curvy beach body because I approach not only the fitness and nutrition part of my program, but I also include a behavior change plan. Including a behavior change plan in my program unlike other coaches and programs out there who do not, I have found it to be extremely more successful in helping women achieve their goals.

Solution 2

Interesting & Flexible Workout Routines

My workout plan changes weekly to keep the workouts interesting and is also flexible enough for you to follow it while having a tight business schedule. You do not need to spend hours in the gym to do my program or to reach your goals. My workouts all can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Solution 3

Realistic Diet Plan

My meal plan is realistic and my clients don’t have to starve themselves to see results. Because drastic diet changes do not work out in the long run! I truly care about my clients even way after they complete my program what they get out of my program can last a lifetime! So I made both workout and meal plans something that is realistic for my clients to stick to!

So in a nutshell, I understand that the true reason so many have failed to reach their goals is not only because the workouts are hard and the diets are torture but if you are not in the right mind set to even be pushing yourself through a program you undoubtedly give up.

That’s why I created my flagship fat loss program-

The 12-Week Curvalicious

The "Miami Girls" secret guide to all natural, defined & sexy curves

The fastest & smartest way for any woman, regardless of their busy schedule, to apply holistic & metabolic fat loss techniques to get toned, defined, sexy curves. I'll guide you step-by-step to go from Flabby body to getting curvalicious Miami beach body naturally!

Here's What You Get


Customized & Flexible Workout Plan

  • Detailed workout plan for gym and home.
  • Schedule, sets, reps & time of rest are specified.

Customized & Realistic Nutrition Plan

  • Detailed & sustainable nutrition plan.
  • Meal plans, grocery lists, tracking info & guides are included.

24*7 Accountability System

  • Personal access to me via zoom calls & WhatsApp
  • Scheduled consultation calls & 1-2-1 support system

Behavioral Change & Mindset Transformation Plan

  • Behavioral change & mindset transformation guide with yoga asanas 
  • New topics, advice and guidance every week to achieve your goals physically and mentally


Let me teach you how easy it can be to get back in shape with workouts that leave you feeling more energetic & confident.

No matter your workout experience, together we'll lose fat, sculpt muscle & achieve the curvy beach body!


Let's Have A Conversation & Let’s Get You Transformed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My clients start seeing results straight away from the moment they start implementing, no need to wait for months until you see yourself closer to the best version of yourself.

Results that you will keep for life, my coaching is an investment that you do once in a lifetime and you get to implement for the years to come.

For you to become self-sufficient and get you into the best shape of your life without being restrictive and sacrificing your social life!

Personalised Nutrition coaching to fit your lifestyle & routine! A tailor made training programme to suit your individual needs. Ongoing accountability through weekly video feedback! Weekly adjustments to your specific programme when needed! Access to my private App where you will have hours of learning materials! Video demonstrations for every exercise you’ll ever do! 1–1 Calls when needed & the knowledge to last you a lifetime!

I have ongoing support on a daily basis, I am here whenever you need me.

My coaching program has been set up to get incredible results for its members with minimal fuss! Gone are the days of only having a 1–1 in person option. At a fingertip, you will have nutrition and training programmes & i’ll always only be 1 message away from supporting YOU! My Check Ins are very in depth and you will have access to additional unlimited support via phone calls when needed! Every exercise is pre recorded (No more second guessing your technique) and you will have literally hours of video content to teach you the knowledge to last a lifetime with access to the members site!

Yes, if you implement the results are guaranteed, or you get your money back!

A minimum of 90 days!

My programs are adapted to your availability of resources, whether at home, at your building gym or at a commercial gym with or without equipment, your goals will be achieved.

My programs are designed specifically for busy people with uncontrollable schedules who have their health and bodies as a priority.

All you have to do is complete this simple question form and book in for a 1–1 call to discuss your goals, what you have been doing to date & whether I can help you! If I can help you, and we are a good fit for each other, then we can start working on your goals immediately!

My promise to you, is that you will never turn down a social event! My 1–1 online coaching promotes a flexible dieting approach, meaning that you have goals to hit, but you do not have to confine yourself to bland food choices! You’ll never have to turn down an event for the treadmill! Working together, we’ll strike the perfect balance between nailing your physique and strength goals while maintaining your social life!

My programs are tailored to all levels from people who have never exercised before to advanced lifters who need further expertise to achieve their goals.