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Got a crazy busy schedule? I get it. Trying to stay on top of it all seems near impossible, especially when we’ve got places to be & things to do. But don’t worry, I’ve got good news!

Train only 3x a week and still get RESULTS! This 8-week program features a careful selection of full-body exercises to ensure you hit the optimal training frequency – it’s designed to fit YOUR life schedule, not the other way around!

Home workouts require only dumbbells and resistance bands. Use my methods to add difficulty to your workouts using minimal equipment!

What’s included:

  • 8 weeks of carefully curated FULL BODY BLITZ workouts lasting only 30-45 minutes to fit into your busy lifestyle!
  • 3 days per week of full-body workouts helping you to maximise your training frequency for each muscle group.
  • Optional glute finishers to get your booty burning! Plus, an optional extra glute/ab day is included for those who can squeeze in an extra workout.
  • Develop a consistent routine while still getting results (whether that’s gym or home).
  • Fits into your lifestyle – not the other way around
  • Switch between gym & home workouts as you please!
  • Meal plans developed by qualified nutritionists to ensure your eating is on point! Choose between 4 calorie levels (whether you’re in a fat loss phase or building- we got you!)
  • Suitable for regular & vegetarian diets (also customisable for vegan diets). No need to worry about balancing your macros yourself! Our meal plans are designed to get you results, stress free!
  • Tips to assist you with your workout and sticking to a nutrition plan. You’re busy, we get it- we’ll give you the guidance you need to stay on track and utilise your time well!
  • Delivered via the LSF App, with complimentary access to the LSF Global Girl Gang Facebook page.